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My Boss Hates Me

If you think that your boss hates you – trust me, you are on the path to success.

If you think that your boss hates you – trust me, you are on the path to success. Do you think I am joking? No; it is not a joke. This thought (even if it is just an imagination) can boost your morale high. Either you are working in the same organization since quite some time or you have quit the previous one and trying to settle down at a new place, some key points will help you throughout your time at work. There are some major reasons why your boss can hate you more as compared to others:

  1. The first reason might not make all employees happy, but it is a fact that if you do not work hard, you cannot satisfy your boss.
  2. Second reason might include a lot of stress and pressure on your boss, which might make him target you and vent out his frustration at you.
  3. Last but not the least; your face might resemble some enemy of your boss. Bah, now I’m kidding!  May be he does not like to see you lazy and impatient.

So, these are some basic reasons that might cause your boss to dislike you. Now, you must be thinking that you need solutions, not the causes of the problem itself. But it is always necessary to identify the problem first and then resolve it. There can be a number of reasons and solutions that might help you in this regard as every boss has got his own attitude and nature towards his employees. First of all we would talk about your physical appearance. Note these points:

  1. Always wear clean and formal dressing.
  2. Never go to work without shaving.
  3. Clean shoes also add up to the mark.

These are rather tiny physical requirements, but trust me, they can add a lot to your personality. After this you need to make certain changes in your attitude. These changes might require some hard work but will definitely work out:

  1. First of all, discuss and check in with your boss about the work on regular basis. Do not wait for him to give you work. Be active!
  2. Be social and friendly with all the staff even if you are under work stress.
  3. Do not hesitate to share your professional problems with your boss. He might not pay attention to this all the time, but try to make conversation with him.
  4. Take your boss out for lunch. At the lunch you can discuss your project with him in a light mood.
  5. And lastly when all these golden rules fail, try to build contacts with people in other organizations who work in the same department as yours. This might help you in future when you decide to quit or are forced to quit your job.

These are some of the key problems and solutions that many of us face during our jobs. The employee stress is a common phenomenon, but in most of the cases, little changes can resolve it.

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    This is what we say that finding the root cause of the problem will help solve the problem. Very nice article.

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