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Start a Business / Business Side Do Pioneering Work Out of Home

If you have any intention to resign from your current job, start a business, or have your own business, you should carefully study whether it is the right decision, or just an exciting moment.

You provide a job for themselves and their families, instead of the usual decision, but things are complicated and take a lot of time, and is considered to be an acceptable risk.

According to my personal opinion, it will not hurt to open up business in the work. If anything happens to your start-up enterprises still can be used as a family, a work to survive in the old place. Ventures do not you get into 100%, but we can believe that our people (not necessarily family).

Some of the reasons we should stay in office work, start a business Lama:

A. failure prediction

No one knows in the future will terjad what. Although at this time, the rapid growth of your business, but may suddenly collapse, and we know why. To be sure, you can stress and depression when facing difficult circumstances, you lose the income from your business, there is no other income. Not only you, but other family members may also be a victim of your failure.

2. Scientific dig other corporate property rights

In our work in the office, other people, then we have the right to seek as many learning experiences as possible. But are not limited to only the office of science, science, we can all know, in our work environment. We can dig up information, to learn from the business / business partners, customers, employers, employer cafeteria, parking experience. We hung up, we can get the knowledge can be very valuable, and we can not get elsewhere.

3. For there is no immediate need time

This may be because your business does not immediately open it later development, which requires up to display the results as you wish. During the waiting period, which will be a very good stick work in your workplace, so you can get additional funds to maintain or develop a business, and your pioneer.

4. Do not depend on a business / commercial

In a commercial enterprise, do not hang our fate. You should diversify your business, open a different type of business. Therefore, if the single from the other business of the business (cross-subsidization) may be closed. You retain control over your business, but does not complete 100% of the initial setting of the z. Post your trusted experts. When there is a hard thing to solve the people to trust you, then you step in to help solve the problem. Like the word, and put all their eggs in many baskets, if a kerangjang then decline, there are still many survivors of broken eggs.

5. To avoid arrogant and undisciplined

With the change of the status of the men in the office has long been the big boss of your own company, you can make you a stiff, hard, conceited, arrogant, lazy, busy, less sociable, and so on. Continue to work in the old office, then we can feel like men in the company’s number one. Therefore, you can give your subordinates in your company is a good leader.

6. Improve confidence in the office

The boss prior pioneered the business itself is a proud, may affect confidence in their daily lives. We can become more confident, rather than the problems encountered in the work, emotional, fear of the boss is to reduce the work is considered mediocre things, not material and office ngoyo in position, and a more positive effect work while doing business.

Therefore, Thank you for your visit, and hope this is conducive to all of us. Sorry, if there are deficiencies or errors. Please leave your comments below.

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