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Taking Advantage of Being Unemployed

There are blessings in every situation if we step back and look at it in a different way. How can being unemployed be a blessing for you?

  With the economic downturn many people found themselves unemployed. Often
this is a difficult situation for anyone, especially if you have a monthly
financial obligation. And job hunting can be a lengthy process at times. This
can all add up to a lot of stress for many.
  Stress can only inflame the difficulty of the situation, so my suggestion
is to remove as much stress from your experience as possible. Stress is a mental
condition, so if you are able to change your perspective on the whole situation
you can systematically remove stress one piece at a time.
  First of all take time to reflect. The shock of getting laid off can send
people into a panic of just jumping into the first thing that comes along to pay
the bills. It is valuable to take a couple of days and really reflect on your
life. Are you on the path that you Really want to be on? If you could do
ANYTHING, what would it be? If you are not fully qualified for this position,
ignore that fact. Why do you want to do this thing? What draws you to doing
that? Joy, Happiness, A Sense of Fulfillment, Peace? Or is it for Power, Wealth,
Fame? If it is the latter group take some time to dig deeper, there is something
deeper than that that you REALLY want to be doing. Allow that part of yourself
to come out. If your dream is within the category of joy, take a few moments to
reflect on it further.
  Second, if you have debt of any kind that you have an obligation to
paying each month, keep looking for jobs. Even if it is not your dream job, it
does not mean that you have to be there the rest of your life. So keep looking.
But while you are looking take advantage of being Unemployed! Do things that you
have always wanted to do. Take that thing that you have always wanted to do for
a living and ask yourself what you could do now that would be a learning
opportunity in that direction. Figure out a way to volunteer within that field
of work. Even if you are doing some type of busy work, it gives you a feel for
what it would really be like. Say you want to be an artist. Find someone near
you that does it for a living. Go ask them if you can help clean up their work
space, or do some step in their preparation in trade for learning some from
them. This can apply in many fields of work. If you are passionate about it, you
will find a way. Often if someone tells you no at first, if you just keep
showing up and asking politely they will see that you are truly passionate about
it, and one day they might just surprise you by saying yes.
  Third, follow through on everything that you do. When you are looking for
a job, really look for a job. Be persistant, be passionate. If you find a job
that excites you, that would be perfect for what you want to do in life, but you
don’t have the qualifications for it, don’t give up! Make sure to go in with
your resume in person, ask if you can give it to the person interviewing for the
job. Take a moment to talk to them as you give them the resume. Let them know
that you are passionate about this work, and you look forward to growing with
the position. Do not act desperate, simply show that you are the person for this
position. And follow through on your passions. Take this time off as an
opportunity to try things you have always wanted to do. You might find that some
of them really do not appeal to you any more, but you know that you at least
tried it.
  Being unemployed can be an opportunity to explore parts of your life that
you put on hold. Life is not a dress rehearsal, now is the only time. If you
wait for “the right time” you are forgetting that right now is always the right
time. So take advantage of your time, and enjoy every moment of it!
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