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Tattle Tale in The Work Place

Is there really a tattle tale or is the real proplem people breaking the rules?

I don’t understand this whole mess of what being a tattle tale is, especially in a work place. Is the reason a person gets into trouble the fault of a tattle tale or their own fault? Everyone thinks that there is a snitch to watch out for or a tattle tale who is watching over them all the time. In reality, the problem is the rules are being broken and it is not fair that people are getting away with breaking the rule.

Simply put, if a person doesn’t want to get into trouble they just need to follow the rules. When rules are broken, there is a chance to get into trouble. So why is there stress put on a person to not to tattle tale. Is a person supposed to lie about what they saw?

Ling is wrong. People shouldn’t lie for themselves or anyone else. Ling causes more problems and conflicts than telling the truth. If the truth is so horrible that it can’t be told, then it should have never been done in the first place.

People who break the rules often look for someone else to blame. How did the boss find out? They think someone must have told. Rules are rules and it is only fair that everyone has to follow them. The real problem is the person breaking the rules. They will have to get into trouble to stop.

A tattle tale from when we were kids was someone was told on every little thing someone did regardless if it was against the rules. Children were told to stop tattling by authority figures, teacher and parents, to not tattle all the time. The adults were tired of the constant reports and complaining. The real problem was the reports on all of the little things that didn’t matter. When something big happens the adults wished they were told. It is confusing to children until they learn to not tell on little things but to only tell on big issues.

At work, most people know the difference of little things and big things. If they don’t, the boss will hear a lot of useless complaining. The worker that is complaining will accomplish very little, because the boss will label them as a complainer or trouble maker. Now when a boss asks how things went, what do you say? The truth! It is not being a tattle tale. It being honest, but there is no need to complain about little things. Major problems that interrupted work or product do need to be told so the problem can be corrected.

Almost any time someone keeps getting into trouble at work they will look for someone else to blame for telling. The real problem isn’t how the manager is finding out. The problem is the person breaking the rules. The rules are there for everyone and everyone should follow them regardless if the boss is in or not.

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