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Ways to Make Life Better for Everyone

Sometimes it seems that people are angry, they focus their anger on trying to make life harder for others. It would be much better if we tried to make life easier for other people.

Life should be easier, don’t you agree?

People always seem to try to make things harder for others. In the end this only comes full circle as when one person has a hard life their problems drag them down and ripple on to other people.

Life should not be about trying to make other people miserable, be they your neighbor, co-worker, ex, or total stranger. Life should be about our own enjoyment and that can certainly be enhanced by being around happy people, so why would anyone want to make the people that they are around miserable?

Some of my ideas on how we can make life more enjoyable for everyone, including ourselves:

Do not fight with your ex, especially if you have kids. Try to find common ground and work together. Too many people get into petty debates or try to sabotage the other person’s chances to see the children, but in the end this hurts the children most of all.

Plant a beautiful front yard. Who among us does not like to see a well planted yard? When out for walks I would much rather see a well planted yard than one that is nothing but lawn. A well planted yard is much better for the environment too. Cut down on your mowing and enjoy seeing a lovely yard. If you plant native species it cuts down on your need for fertilizer and watering too! Add a fruit tree to your back yard so you can enjoy the “fruits of your labor”.

Help, don’t hinder, others. How many times have you encountered a person that seems to get a cheap thrill out of making life harder for somebody else? They go out of their way to make another person’s job, or life, more difficult. It is a waste of time to take the time to sabotage another person.

This includes simple actions like:

  • Throwing our garbage away rather than littering and leaving it for somebody else to pick up.
  • Cleaning up after our dog in public areas.
  • Pushing our shopping carts back to the store rather than leaving them at the far end of the parking lot.
  • Holding doors open for others, rather than just pushing through in front of everyone.

Share unwanted things with others. How many of us are lazy when we rid our homes of things we do not want? So many people just throw unwanted things in the garbage rather than letting somebody else have them.

You can sell unwanted items, either listing them online or having a garage sale.

You can take unwanted items to your local thrift store.

You can even give them away. On a nice day take things and set them on your driveway with a “FREE” sign. Or see if there is a “Free Cycle” program in your area. In many areas charities will be happy to have your free things to sell at charity garage sales.

You can even take some unwanted things to work and see if your co-workers want them.

This is much better than taking things to the landfill and wasting them, plus it helps save other people money too.

Photo by Author, taken in Vancouver, BC.

In our lives we have choices, do we really want to waste time making life harder for others?

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