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What Makes a Work at Home Job Rewarding?

I know a lot of us have worked a 24/7 job if not that regular eight hour shift. Often these kind of work is risky, tiresome and time consuming. Risky in a way that you need to travel from your place to your workplace and vice versa.

It becomes tiresome since if you happen to work sitting all day or looking at your computer for the entire 8 hour shift then that is indeed something.

I often had this wish in my mind of finally quitting my day job since I cannot see my daughter as she grows and sometimes being away from home is just too troublesome for me. Until one day I no longer see myself feeling sleepy while holding on as I travel my way to work on a public vehicle. I no longer have to hike a long walk to get to the office, Life became like how I wished it for.

What is a work at home program?

If I define this with basing from my personal experience I especially can say that it is a very “ideal” kind of a job. In the Philippines people are growing old in an 8 hour shift with nothing much left in their pocket but debts. Working from home makes it far more convenient from the usual routine that I use to do before.

You are the master of your time. Indeed! Working from home does not make you crazy of not being late in going to work thinking of the time for taking meals, working and then going home. An online job of which you apply for will give you a schedule for your work. It can be a schedule that will be suit you or if not on the clients request. Still you get to make use of the 24 hours religiously.

Higher Pay. This is one of the best part in working online why? Of a regular job that I used to work before compared to what I earn now it is far way different. It is safe to say that with our currency which is “Peso” compared to “$” I am earning twice or 3 times higher than a regular wage earner in my country.

A unique and fun setting. The work I have done in my online venture was a mix of what I have done before as a customer agent and not. What is nice about it is that you learn new things very much different from what a regular guy would know and far from what is being taught in school. The place where you work is just from your home which is good and bad. Good thing is that if you want to eat you can eat, if you want to rest you can rest, if it is time to work then you work. The not so good is that if you work with little kids and you do not separate your working room then that may be dangerous and disturbing. Though for everything is still manageable and you just have to be flexible.

Family Oriented. Why? This is for me the most important aspect of working from home that I really enjoyed. Being far from home and not knowing what is going on makes my heart ache and does not give me peace of mind. Seeing your family every day, talking to them even while at work and knowing that they are just close to you makes it feel good.

The most important thing with working though is not just the location, the kind of job and the pay but also how you are able to enjoy and make your work a rewarding experience for you so as in everything you do it is special and worthy. 

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