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What to Do with Leftover Lumber From Construction Projects

Use lumber leftovers to make useful items.

Construction projects seem to generate much waste, but you can use some of those leftovers for other projects around the house and yard. There is no reason to let a lot of the leftovers go to waste. It is not eco-friendly to send everything to a landfill.

You can reuse lumber odds-and-ends of various sizes, so be sure to go through it all before dumping anything. While there are many more ideas for reusing these bits of lumber, this article will concentrate on only six.

Use smaller pieces scrap lumber to make building blocks for toddlers. They are big enough for small children to use without having to worry about them swallowing small pieces. Sand blocks of different shapes and sizes in order to round out sharp edges and corners, as well as to take off splinters. Leave the blocks as they are, or give them some color with no VOC paints.

Small shelves can be made to hang on walls. Sand the wood and stain it, then hang using brackets you purchase or ones that you make on your own. Depending on the size, you might place books, pictures or nick knacks on one of these.

Make a small table to put next to the sofa, or one for an empty corner of the room. A shelf can be attached mid way from the floor to the table top. Have a piece of glass cut to the size of the table top, and place the glass on it to prevent moisture from cups or plants from damaging the wood.

Planter boxes are easily put together with wood scraps. These boxes have the four sides plus a bottom, and can be picked up and moved to wherever desired. There is no need to paint or stain them.

It is possible to make raised beds for the garden in many sizes and in different shapes. Rectangles, squares and triangles are common, but shapes such as octagons and hexagons are also possible. These will not have to be painted or stained, either.

A garden bench is another possibility. Two cement blocks can be used at either end for the legs, or you can use fat pieces of wood. Cut two pieces of lumber the length you want for the seat, and sand and stain them. Place them over the cement blocks, or attach to wood legs using nails or screws.

Whatever projects you choose to complete, remember that safety is important. Safety glass should be worn when working with a saw, and work gloves will help protect your hands from cuts and splinters.

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