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Why Women Should be Employed

Since my marriage broke up, I started job hunting. Now I really hope to find a job soon and to make a better income, so I can promote in life, but it is not that simple and it made me realize some things. People tell me I am lucky not to have kids. This really hurts me most, because I wish I had them, despite the situation. Mothers are the first that should be employed and I will explain why.

Here the facts that make it hard for me to find a job. Well, nobody doubts my intelligence and my capacities, but the problem is that I am over thirty and all my entire career have been an housewife.

So no official jobs on my resume. Well, I prefer not to lie, since if I do, they might check things and I might get in more trouble.

But the next thing that works against me, is my degree. I have a high school degree that is not technical, but general. It was actually the one you needed for a higher education, but I did not get there, or better said: I did not make it there, mostly due to circumstances.

If I had not become a housewife and might have searched for a job after my studies, I might have gotten one, but things turned out differently.

Now I live on state income and am really tight on the budget, but I try to do my best to get around. I’ve always been a the more sober kind of person, so not much into luxury. I only miss the fact I cannot buy that many Cd’s anymore, but I just like to play the ones I have.

Well, there is a way to find a job: social employment. This means that a person like me could get a job for a year somewhere to get experience or to be on another, more beneficial state income later.

But here is the catch: those jobs are only for people without a high school degree. So I am over educated to get in the system that might grant me a job.

So if i were a school drop out, I might get hired somewhere. Now I am not good enough to clean, since I have a too high degree and they sent me off for an office job.

Now I apply for an office job, which I like more, but it turns out, I have a too low degree or no experience, so they will not hire me there either.

I do not want to be unemployed for the rest of my life and consider studying again for a degree, but this costs and I quite honestly am not sure if I really want to get back to college again to sit around eighteen-year-olds to spent another at least 3 years of my live to study again, while I am not sure where it will get me.

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  1. martie

    On April 12, 2010 at 9:13 am

    It is very difficult being a single mother even under the best of conditions. I had a college degree and worked as a maid and a dishwasher at various times. You do what you have to do to keep food on the table and a roof over your head.

  2. Ruby Hawk

    On April 12, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    I have raised a family and worked factories, retail, whatever I could get to help make a living. You just have to beat the bushes and take the job you can get. It will happen you just have to keep trying.

  3. Pam Stushnoff

    On April 13, 2010 at 12:33 am

    My husband works away from home for weeks at a time so I consider myself very lucky to be in the position to be a stay at home mother/wife.

    I look at other families where both parents are working and I see the sacrifices that are made both by the children and the adults and I think how lucky my family is.

    I am sorry you were in such a bad situation and I am glad you were able to get out. Please don’t assume all marriages, where one spouse is a homemaker, is as horrible as your relationship appears to have been.

    Stay positive in the job search. Perhaps you can find something with an apprenticeship program.

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