Actor Gary Busey to Donate Brain For Scientific Research

“It will be a propogational proportion to the pandemically pronasanal”

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Eclectic actor Gary Busey is making headlines with a brief interview he gave to a French speaking news reporter in Toronto Canada this past week when out of the blue the Hollywood personality shared his intent to donate his brain to science.  Busey is apparently convinced that within his distracted globe can be found answers to some of humanity’s greatest problems.  According to Busey, “It will be a propogational proportion to the pandemically pronasanal.”

The 66 year old Busey saw a once promising career come to a screeching halt following a serious motorcycle accident in 1988 that resulted in significant head trauma. Doctors feared the actor had suffered permanent brain damage.

Busey welcomed his first child with girlfriend Steffanie Sampson last year.

The actor made no mention as to what medical research facility would be receiving his brain, and all the powers contained therein.