The BioLite CampStove – Can You Recharge Your Gadgets With Fire?

BioLite Camp Stove


Lovers of tech and gadgets, and outdoors-men like hikers and backpackers don’t often mix and match. The techies lament the lack of a power outlet deep in the woods, while most nature-loving campers dislike having too much tech at their disposal and are more inclined to play card games or board games when they’re bored.

Enter the BioLite CampStove, a mildly successful attempt to merge the best of both worlds by making a backpacking stove. This isn’t your ultralight backpacking stove that’s light and easy to carry while you hike, this is more of a camping stove that people are going to bring along car camping.

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Top 3 World’s Most Expensive Beer

According to many folk tails and myths beer is a gift from gods. Though these beers are man-made, their price might lead you to think that they were created by divine power. Which are the most expensive beers in the world?

1. Vielle Bon Secours:

This tops the list of the world’s most expensive beer, costing around £500 (equivalent to around $1,000) per bottle or about £39 (equivalent to around $78) per pint. It can only be found in a bar called the Bierdrome in London.

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Healthy Foods That Help the Body Heal Faster

girl sitting down

After a broken bone or something as simple as a burn or cut, the body needs time to heal. Skin regrown and cell regeneration can be stimulated by certain foods to help the body heal faster. Science has shown that foods that are high in vitamin C and zinc aid in this healing process. Vitamin C is a primary nutrient that is used in the process of healing anything simple as a paper cut or something more significant such as major surgery or torn ligaments. Zinc is a mineral that boosts the immune system which directly influences the healing process. Some of these foods include meats, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.


Roast beefThere are many meat products that help the body heal faster because of the amount of zinc each contains. For example: Beef has the highest content of the zinc nutrient. Other leaner meats such as chicken and turkey have lower amounts of zinc, however, are still useful in boosting the immune system. A vegetarian can find similar results in protein packed foods such as peanut butter and almonds.


orangesVitamin C is a key nutrient found in many fruits that helps the body heal faster. Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, and even papayas and mangos have a higher content of vitamin C. Fruits such as strawberries and various other berries may have a low percentage of vitamin C but are no less beneficial in the fight for the body to heal faster.


sweet peppers 499076 960 72Strange-perhaps, however, even certain vegetables contain levels of vitamin C used in the bodies healing process. Many studies show that kelp has one of the highest rates of vitamin C. Peppers such as bell peppers, red peppers, and green peppers also contain large amounts of vitamin C. Other vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower have lower percentages of vitamin C, however, are still no less important. The key is to make sure vegetables are eaten regularly throughout the day to ensure optimal healing of the body.


nutsNuts naturally contain many nutrients and minerals, such as vitamin C and zinc, that aid the body’s healing process. Studies show that nuts have a high content of antioxidants which help strengthen the immune system. Nuts such as almonds, pecans, walnuts, and Brazil nuts are all great choices to aid in a speedy recovery. This is a great option for the on the go individual who may not have time to eat a balanced diet. Just a handle full of nuts a day can go along way.

Many foods such as meats, fruits, vegetables, and nuts contain vital nutrients and minerals, such as vitamin C and zinc, which allow the body to heal. By boosting the immune system and speeding up the cell regeneration process, consuming a higher percentage of zinc and vitamin C help the body heal at a more rapid rate. The key is to make sure to follow specified dietary guidelines to ensure that the proper servings of each food group are eaten daily.

A Cup Of Green Tea A Day Keeps Cholesterol At Bay

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It is quite surprising really how many people are drinking green tea. Worldwide, this particular type of tea is consumed almost as much as water. Green tea was on American grocery shelves years after its initial purpose. First it began as an age long cure for ailments in the Asian culture for digestive conditions and to help stop bleeding. There is a reason that over through the ages, this tasty, soothing liquid has been so effective. Even to aid against lowering cholesterol.

Why Green Tea Is So Effective

Green tea is actually different than many of its fellow tea friends. It goes through a different process of leaf fermentation. The tea leaf itself if not fermented nearly as long as many yothers, like black tea or oblong tea. Holding onto the most essential part of the green tea leaves. The antioxidants, which are called Catenins, is the best part. Recent studies how that that they can also be helpful in reducing cholesterol.
Green Tea

How Green Tea Reduces Cholesterol

New research show that drinking green tea is a good start to lower cholesterol in many ways. It can help increase high density lipoproteins while decreasing lipoproteins. Better known as HDL and LDL, good and bad levels of cholesterol found in the body. Recent studies shows that it also aids in preventing the liver from absorbing any unwanted cholesterol.

Your liver, Cholesterol and Green Tea

Let us first understand a bit about what cholesterol actually is before we can understand why its bad for your liver in long fun. Cholesterol is composed of a fat, like material that is found in every part of your body. It is a protein that is in your cells and travels through your blood vessels. Your blood vessels are indeed connected to that liver of yours.

Well , you are in luck. Research further acknowledges that it can increase the receptors of good cholesterol in the liver. It has been found to significantly lower LDL levels. But you can help. You will be impressed at the immense benefit gained from drinking this gentle refreshment.

Now, you need an entire lifestyle change. Think of all the benefits you can gain for eating foods high in antioxidants. You will feel splendid. You will glow with natural health and beauty. Your cholesterol will be under control. All with nature’s power drink by your side.

Simple Tips for the Best Banana Pancakes

Pancakes are one of the easiest and quickest solutions to having a great breakfast. They are light, require little preparation and their resulting aroma can make any late riser wake up early to a magnificent breakfast spread.  If you have left over, almost over-ripe bananas, and are looking to spice up your signature pancakes, giving them a nutritional boost, here are a few simple tips for the best banana pancakes.  I find having the pancakes with a hot cup of ginger tea or cold milk most comforting and a better way to start my day.

These suggestions are not at all restrictive. You can go ahead and add a pinch of cinnamon in the mix, or sprinkle cinnamon on the hot pancakes before serving for maximum taste bud arousal. Go ahead, try out these tips and become a banana pancake fan-club member.

For about 6 pancakes you will need;

2 large eggs

11/2 cup sifted all-purpose wheat flour

� cup of fresh milk

A pinch of salt

1 level teaspoon baking powder

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

2 large ripe bananas, blended/mashed

� cup of warmed maple syrup to taste (optional)

– Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Dry them and begin work

– Sieve your baking flour into the mixing bowl. Sieving not only removes unwanted particles that sometimes escape into the flour during packaging, it also aerates the flour making it light.

– Add the baking powder to the sieved flour and mix.

– Beat the eggs in a separate bowl. Add the pinch of salt and beat till they whiten.

– Now peel bananas and blend or mash them up to a smooth pulp. Add in the fresh milk and the eggs, then continue blending to a smooth consistency.

Please note that if you choose to mash up the bananas in a bowl, you may need to add and mix the eggs and milk in small quantities to get the desired smooth consistency.

– Carefully pour the banana puree into the mixing bowl and begin mixing with the flour until the mixture is smooth and light. You can now add the vegetable oil into the mixture and continue mixing.

– Preheat the pan and lightly glisten it with a little cooking oil. You can now pour a small portion of the pancake batter onto the pan, on low heat and allow to brown on one side. Turn it over to cook on the other side and repeat this procedure for the rest of the batter till it is complete.

– Serve the hot banana pancakes on a flat plate, with a generous spread of warm maple syrup over them. You can also choose to have the maple syrup on a side dish for those who would find the sugar in the pancakes enough because bananas are already sugary.