Save Money on Power Tools: How to Buy Tools on a budget

One of the most exciting things for any handyman is buying new tools. But budget plays a big role in planning your perfect tool set. As much as we’d always like to go and buy the best quality tools, sometimes we can’t afford the best quality. Moreover, you don’t always need a professional level tools, especially if you are buying something that is going to be used infrequently.

However, even if you are looking into the first-class professional tools, there are some ways you can save money. Many big brands often have very good promotions, combo kits and discounts you can use to get great products at excellent prices.

How to save money on power tools? There are some question to answer to make sure you get the best possible deal.

Battery or Cord

Are you looking specifically for a battery-operated tool, or you can use a tool that’s plug-into-the-wall? This depends on what kind of work you would be doing.  A cordless drill is convenient when there isn’t a power outlet nearby. Hauling a generator around isn’t quite as simple or convenient as just grabbing a battery-powered tool, and the cords can also be a tripping hazard. On the other hand, with corded tool you will never run out power, that are generally more powerful that battery ones, and they are mostly cheaper.

using angle grinder

How often are you going to use it?

Every handyman or a crafts person has his own set of favorite tools that they use more frequently than the others. For example, if you are a woodworker, you will be using drills and sanders quite a lot, you will be using a router and a circular saw a fair amount, but you are probably not going to use a multi-tool or a reciprocating saw that much. The tools that you are going to be using a lot are the thing that you need to spend a little bit more money to get better quality. Everything else is where you don’t have to splurge.

Buy Combo Kits

Combos can be an especially good deal in the era of cordless tools. This way you can use the same battery and charger for several tools, and you the price is generally up to 30% lower than buying each item individually. The downside is that the combos may include tools that you don’t want, and some items, like a cheap headlamp, are often thrown in just to increase the number of the items in the combo.

Check Online for Deals

Many retailers offer unique promotions on their websites that you cannot find in the store. Before hitting the shops, always take a look online to see the dealt you can get if you order online. In the past people used to avoid online purchases as much as they could, because they could not inspect the product, and the process of returning it for a replacement wasn’t easy. The truth is there is nothing to worry about if you order tools from and authorized online retailer, and you can always check on the brand’s website who the authorized dealers for their products are.

Before purchasing any tools, especially inexpensive ones, there are two things that you should know. The first thing is warranty, and the second is the return policy. The reason for this is that with many cheap tools there is something called an “out of box failure.” That is why you have to make sure that you won’t lose money if it turns out that the power tool you’ve bought just doesn’t work.