How To Choose Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Choosing the right upright vacuum cleaner is a very important decision to make. Vacuum cleaners are practically like other members of your household. You have to find the perfect match for your space and one that works just fine for you. Homeowners are always faced with the hard choice of picking the right vacuum to suit their cleaning needs. The upright vacuums remain the best when looking to pick lots of dust and cover large floors.

Here are some of the things to consider when choosing these types of vacuum cleaners:

Cord or Cordless

Cordless vacuums are the latest trends in the industry. Cordless vacuums allow you to move freely without being held to the power socket, but they have to be charged. If you own a large to an average home, cordless vacuum cleaners are not the best as they require constant charging. Even the top most brands will require charging after 30 minutes or so. Depending on your needs, you can either choose the cord or cordless vacuum cleaner. The corded vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, are great when you own a large home that needs regular cleaning. They enable you to work continuously without taking breaks to charge. Their only disadvantage is when you choose one with a short cord that requires changing of the power sockets now and again.

Bag or Bagless

Both the bag and bagless vacuum cleaners have their pros and cons. Vacuums with bags tend to be a bit messy requiring a new bag after few months depending on how frequent they are used. Bagless upright vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, are Eco-Friendly, but you have to clean the container and remove the stuck hairs. If you have to choose a bagless model, choose one with a great structural design.

Size and Storage

Think of the place where you will be storing the vacuum cleaner. The place of storage will dictate the type and size of vacuum cleaner you will buy. They usually don’t have the hose section which occupies huge junks of space. Most are quite easy to store, but their rigid structures mean they lack flexibility.

The Vacuum weight

How far from the socket can the vacuum cleaner reach? The weight of the vacuum cleaner and distance the distance they can clean from the socket go a long way in determining the ideal choice for your home.This distance comes into play when tackling a big room. Most upright vacuum cleaners reach around 8.6m. You must look at the distance it will cover when cleaning. This makes it easier for one to clean without swapping the socket from one place to another.

Weight must also be considered if you will be required to clean both the downstairs and upstairs.

Vacuum cleaner wattage

Most people always think that vacuum cleaners with high wattage are the best at getting the job done. However, this is not the case despite manufacturers claiming so. High powered upright vacuum cleaners will only mean you’re using more energy. Less power does not mean low suction as most people think. Most new upright vacuum cleaners in the market have motors of 1,600 watts of energy or less. Buy upright vacuum cleaners with low energy but great at cleaning to cut down the electricity costs.

There are even proposals to have the wattage of all vacuum cleaners reduced to 900 watts before the end of 2017. Check for the energy label as all vacuum cleaners are nowadays required to carry an energy label that rates the model for energy use, dust emission, and cleaning performances.


How To Choose Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson is considered the Ferrari of vacuum cleaners. While the basic vacuum cleaner hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years, the engineers at Dyson took a much more serious approach and decided to reinvent it. Their most recent invention is a cordless vacuum that actually works as an upright or a hand-held cleaner like a DustBuster. The difference is the suction pulls at over 5,000 RPMs.

Benefits of Reclining Chairs


When it comes to benefits of reclining chairs, technology has seen to it that even our basic furniture has received an upgrade to enhance comfort. Comfort is not the only concern that is improved in furniture, but we can now acclaim numerous health and aesthetic benefits to furniture.

The first piece of furniture that automatically comes to mind when speaking of living space is the chair. The seat has transformed from any standard chair to the rocking chair, to recliner chairs that offer more in resting, not only the body but the mind too. Recliner chairs are not restricted to the living space but can also be found in commercial airplanes to offer comfort while traveling and reduce jet lag.

Why get a Recliner Chair?

It may be ill thought that recliner chairs are only for comfort while watching your favorite television show or game matches, and that they are only for the wealthy. These type of chairs can be used across the board by a variety of people for various benefits. Below are some of the benefits of reclining chairs;

Eases Pregnancy Complications

massage-chairs-safe-duringOne of the most difficult thing to do when expectant is finding the perfect position to sit or lie down. The associated body swelling and difficulty in blood circulation nursury-recliner-chair4makes it more annoying to find a comfortable way to distribute the weight while in a resting position. A recliner chair comes in handy as it is flexible and can be adjusted into various positions until a mother finds the best posture to accommodate her in different stages of her pregnancy.

Buying a recliner chair with an adjustable leg and headrest is one of the best investment any mother can make. Playing around with the angles to find the best lumbar position to ease back pains and allow for proper blood circulation may reduce visits to the doctor. It also reducing the joint swelling.

The chair is not only handy during pregnancy, but can become very vital when nursing and during those sleepless nights when baby needs holding (but mommy still needs to nap).

Recline Back to Ease the Day’s Stress

Anyone who wakes up early for their job can attest to the stress relating to the daily grind and the traffic that usually comes with it. When you get home, you just want to rest. Resting while relieving your stress in a reclining chair may be a good idea. Some recliner chairs come with a vibrating feature that allows you to get massaged while increasing blood circulation to vital organs. This allows for faster detoxing while relaxing the mind for the next day’s hustles, giving you the luxury of waking up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Recline In Comfort

man-resting-in-reclinerEveryone enjoys sitting comfortably while either catching up with family, on favorite shows or while just lazing about. The different angles and features that recliner chairs come with allows you to sit back and relax while putting your legs up. The side pockets can accommodate the remote controls to eliminate the search for the remotes. Some come with trays that can extend out and back for putting the popcorn bowl. What more can one ask for to enjoy their personal time while being comfortable?

Despite the mentioned benefits, it is worth noting that these chairs come in various types for different uses. Making prior inquiries and consulting your doctor before purchasing one may come in handy to suit your unique needs, especially if the chair is for medical reasons. Getting one that blends in with your already acquired furniture is also a point to note.

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Vegetable Gardening- Tips for the Beginner

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Vegetable gardening has been found to be one of the most relaxing and inexpensive ways to relieve stress, work out, bond with nature and grow healthy food. Today, more people are more aware of healthy alternatives and are more willing to eat fresh produce, work out and reduce lifestyle-related illnesses. Everyone can now grow food, whether in an apartment building or in the spacious suburbs regardless of the weather patterns, and be fulfilled in the knowledge that your favorite vegetable will always be in season.

For the beginner who’s been looking to start up, here are some simple tips to getting those vegetables out of the soil and onto your plate;

1. Start small with the simplest vegetables that take the shortest time to grow. Keep in mind that as a beginner, you still have a lot to learn and it is better to carry out the experiment on a small scale than have an epic large scale fail (please note that not all beginners fail, so it depends on luck and how well you follow up on the vegetables)

2. Carry out research and find the best seeds that promise high yields and are disease and weather resistant. In doing so, you guarantee that even if some of the vegetables won’t survive to see you palate, at least you still get some.

In the same space, buy small quantities of seed that will be used all at once instead of having them remain to carry over to the next time you plant. This ensures that their high quality is retained, giving good yields all the time.

3. Once you make the decision to start your vegetable garden, commence soil preparation. It may be a good idea to visit one of the farmer’s stores and consult with the experts on the quality of the soil. Professionals with soil experience are more likely to do soil tests for you and advise you on what soil nutrients to increase and fertilizers to use to add to the soil value, depending on the vegetables you want to grow. They may also advise you on how much water the soil needs for whatever favorite vegetable you hope to grow.

4. Once you get your seeds, fertilizer and soil, consider the ideal location to place your garden, where the vegetables will get sufficient light. Different vegetables need varying lengths and intensity of sunlight. It might be advisable to have a protective tent if the garden is the plot behind your house to cover the vegetable once the sun is too hot, or where you can install lighting in case you need artificial lighting.

If you intend to use pots, buckets, sacks or cut bottles, then consider having them in an area that has drainage to allow excess water to flow, and consider having holes in them where the excess water can drain off.

5. Finally, go ahead and begin your journey to getting an all year round supply of fresh vegetables that guarantee you good roughage, steady supply of vitamins and relaxation as you work on the garden.
These simple tips are far from being exhaustive and are not only meant for vegetable gardening but can be applied to many crops that are easily planted at home. Any beginner can go ahead and try them out, customize them to suit their surroundings and add onto them to make the experience more successful. Who knows, maybe these tips are what you need to discover that green thumb you always thought you had.