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Individual Worth: Does Your Experiences Define Your Worth?

by segunsom in Advice, July 18, 2014

Contains a detailed information on the ways to live a better life based on experiences one had.

How Far Will You Go?

by YoungBoyWolfy94 in Advice, July 3, 2014

People creating goals and targets, but not achieving because they are not willing to make the sacrifices.

Constant Progress

by YoungBoyWolfy94 in Advice, July 3, 2014

Every action has a result and every cause has a response.Your constantly learning and adapting to new or old situations and improving every one of them. Most of the time, your doing it subconsciously.

There Was Silence Between Us for Quite a While

by Sarah W in Advice, June 23, 2014

There was silence between us for quite a while. We were a pool of stillness in the background hum of the restaurant. I looked at her and she looked at me. We both looked elsewhere. Alexandra cleared her throat. I looked at her. She looked down at the table as she spoke. "Something very bad happened to me when I was young," she paused to compose herself. I interrupted, "I don’t want to know, Alexandra." She looked up at me. I shook my head, "I don’t want to know." I looked away.

Non-verbal Communications: Differences Between Cultures

by Alexander Tipton in Advice, June 20, 2014

This article on Non-Verbal Communication was prepared by Alexander R. Tipton while a Logistics and Supply Chain Management major in the College of Business at Southeastern Louisiana University.

Along The Road to Achievement

by Herman James in Advice, June 17, 2014

Along the Road to Achievement.

10 Ways to Reduce Tax Burden for Your Small Business

by livingunlimited in Advice, June 17, 2014

An ideal lawyer will not just have a string of impressive credentials or gold lettering on his door. He or she will be caring, concerned, and devoted to their work. You need to think carefully before laying your trust in a lawyer after all in some cases your life, future, money or property will be in his hands.

Development with Dignity!

by Black Zombie in Advice, June 17, 2014

A short poem on development and dignity.

How Having a Learning Disability Can Harbor a Child’s Growth

by Nafeesah Abdullah in Advice, June 17, 2014

How special education can keep a child from being properly prepared for life.

Learn to Solve Your Problems

by twin2flames in Advice, June 17, 2014

Learn to solve your problems

Now a day’s people have many problems. Some got job problems, some got education problem, some got house problem, children have study problem, men and women have work problems and old people have energy problems. Many problems are associated to each and every person of this world. People try to solve these problems by relying on other peoples. Business men rely on their workers and children rely on teachers and friends. Nobody solve his own problems by himself. People should solve their own problems.

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